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Amid the San Joaquin Valley's fertile fields, Grimaud Farms of California raises America's finest specialty poultry. Our trademark Muscovy ducks have won praise from both professional chefs and discerning home cooks. Long prized for their exceptionally rich flavor, they also gain high marks in terms of yield, consistency, and versatility.

We also raise fresh guinea hen, a bird long favored by European cooks and quickly gaining an appreciative audience on this side of the Atlantic. Our Grimaud Farms Home Kitchen line broadens menu possibilities with delicious and convenient items like duck confit, smoked duck breast, and duck prosciutto.

Since our first hatch in 1985, our goal has remained steadfast: We work everyday to provide superior products, outstanding selection, and personalized service. To that end, we choose only top-quality breeding stock and raise our birds in humane and natural growing environments. As the needs of culinary professionals and enthusiasts evolve, we will continue to expand our offerings, always maintaining our dedication to excellence.

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