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The finest duck available

A breed apart
Originating in the warm climates of South America, the Muscovy duck is a breed apart from the rest. It is by far the leanest domesticated duck breed. Long the favorite of Europeans, Muscovy is now becoming the duck of choice here in the United States.

All natural
Groupe Grimaud, our parent company, has been raising Muscovy ducks since 1965. To take advantage of all this experience and ensure the genetic quality of our products, we still import our breeding stock from France. The birds are barn-raised without the use of steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones. We don't hurry nature: we grow our ducks for 70-85 days compared to 42-45 days for most Pekin ducks. This allows the bird to fully mature. Feed is carefully selected for a balanced diet and for the best possible yield and flavor.

Lots of flavor, big value, little fat
Muscovy duck has a unique taste: it is lean, meaty, tender and flavorful. A 4 lb. Muscovy has the highest yield of any duck available and 50 percent more breast meat than other ducks. Muscovy breast meat is 99 percent lean and the skin of our duck has 50% less fat than the Moulard or Pekin varieties! Did you know that Muscovy ducks have less fat and less calories per pound than turkey? See the nutritional information for more details.

Easy to prepare and very versatile
Duck is one of the most versatile meats and pairs very well with a large range of ingredients and seasonings: classic Roasted Duck à l'Orange, falling-off the bone Duck Leg Confit, Duck Breast with Three Peppercorns, Cured Duck Pot-au-Feu with Herb Vinaigrette… Check our recipes and find out how home cooks and famous chefs like to prepare Muscovy duck.

One size does not fit all
Whether you are planning an intimate dinner or cooking for a large group, Grimaud Farms had the right duck for you. A unique characteristic of the Muscovy is the size difference between the 4 lb. hens (females) and the 7.5 lb. drakes (males). Shoppers have more choice in selecting their whole duck, breast or leg. We offer retail customers many ways to buy Muscovy duck!

Retail packaging
All our products are vacuum-sealed for freshness. Raw products should be used within a week, or may be frozen. Here is a chart showing how our products are packaged for retail sales.

ProductQTY per bagWeight
Whole Muscovy Hen1 bird4 lbs.
Whole Muscovy Drake1 bird7.5 lbs
Muscovy Hen Breast2 double breasts2 lbs.
Muscovy Drake Breast1 single breast12-14 oz.
Muscovy Hen Legs2 legs/thighs1lb.
Smoked Drake Breast1 single breast 0.75 lb.
Rendered Duck Fat1 tub2 lbs.

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