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All Muscovy Duck Items

Whole Muscovy Drakes
Looking for holiday alternatives. Our whole drake will offer you the centerpiece to your holiday celebration. These large birds serve six. Let our duck be your holiday tradition.

Whole Muscovy Hens
Our Naturally grown Muscovy duck is absolutely the finest duck available in the country.

Boneless Drake Breast
The Muscovy drake offers the king of fresh duck breasts. These large breasts are perfect for roasting, sauté on the grill. Their texture and flavor offer the best to professional chefs and home cooks as well, and there is no leaner duck breast available on the market.

Smoked Muscovy Drake Breast
Discover the versatility of our Smoked Muscovy Duck Breast. Using the finest hardwoods, Grimaud Farms Home Kitchen offers a fully cooked duck breast that will liven up your party trays, sandwiches, pastas, etc. The possibilities are as big as your imagination.

Muscovy Hen Breasts
These prime boneless Muscovy duck breasts offer quality and versatility. Roasted, saut饤 or grilled, you will get the flavor and texture that professional chefs seek out. With our trademark leanness you get flavor not fat.

Muscovy Hen Legs
Colder weather is the perfect time for braising and slow cooking. Our Muscovy duck legs will fill the pot with tender, flavorful possibilities. 2 packages of 2 legs (4 legs total)

Retail Duck Fat - 1 Lb.
This pure rendered duck fat is the key to great confit but it is versatile as well. Give a new dimension to sauté food; try in with potatoes and discover flavor.

CONFIT COMBO - Hen Legs & Retail Fat
Grimaud Confit kit (hen legs/retail fat)Want to prepare confit yourself? With our "Confit Kit" all you need is a little spice and your imagination. ..Enjoy!

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