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Whole Free Range Geese (Frozen)

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Grimaud Farms is suspending FedEx shipments do to extreme high temperatures encountered during shipping. Customers may continue to pick up orders at Grimaud Farms. We will resume shipping our quality products when the high temperatures have eased.

We appreciate your continued patronage and understanding.

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Fresh Free Range Geese Limited Supply
Fresh, pasture raised, vegetarian fed goose just in time for the holidays! The geese are 10 to 11 lbs. on average.

All orders will start shipping on December 18, 2023
Last order / shipping date is December 19, 2023 at 11:30

All Geese will arrive by December 22, 2023

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Out of Stock

Whole Free Range Geese Frozen Limited Supply
Limited Availability

Raised in the valleys of Northern California, our birds are rich, meaty, and the perfect centerpiece for your holiday feast. The approximate weight is between 10-11 pounds.
This Item Is Currently
Out of Stock

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